6 Ways to Help Students Enjoy School

Introduction by Amplify staff...How can we inspire joy in learning? Another more concrete, actionable way to answer that question is: how can we get students to enjoy school? Let’s

How teachers find joy—for themselves

Teachers strive to bring joy into their classrooms. That’s easiest, of course, when they’ve got reserves to share. Here’s what teachers told us about how they bring joy into their

Not all literacy intervention is created equal.

What makes for effective literacy intervention? What makes for ineffective literacy intervention? When considering intervention options, these questions matter. Yet wading through

The Baseball Experiment: How two Wisconsin researchers discovered that the comprehension gap is a knowledge gap

In Norway, Wisconsin, as in much of the state, cold winters are a way of life. People allow extra time to bundle up and then waddle through town like Michelin men edged with fur.

The 10 knowledge domains that will give your students an advantage on PARCC/SBAC tests.

We analyzed 100 reading passages from grades 3 through 5 state literacy tests to determine which knowledge domains appear most commonly in questions. We also found that students who

When Kids Collide with Content

When I was a teacher, his name was Jacob. He was the kid teachers remember. He knew stuff. He’d been places. And he wanted to know more. Not more about any topic, but one particular

Learning English Through Content

In this webinar (which originally aired on November 1, 2016), Amber McWilliams (PreK–5 ELL Specialist, Amplify. Certified WIDA Prime V2 correlator) provides a variety of

Kids Need Knowledge

In this webinar (which originally aired on October 25, 2016), Susan Lambert (Vice President of PreK–5 English Language Arts, Amplify, former principal, curriculum director, and Core

Four strategies for classroom teachers to support English Language Learners

As English Language Learners are fast growing in today’s schools across the United States, teachers need strategies that can assist English Language Learners in making gains in

How can you bring scientific argumentation into the middle school science classroom?

In this webinar with the Lawrence Hall of Science (which originally aired on November 8, 2016), Dr. Suzanna Loper explains how to use argumentation (one of the science practices