Meet our CKLA Ambassadors: A Pennsylvania teacher shares why she loves CKLA

Name: Alyssa Southerlin School: Propel Montour Elementary School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania District: Propel Charter Schools What grade do you teach: Kindergarten How long have

National Poetry Month: Free Elementary Lesson Guide

April is National Poetry Month, and you can help celebrate it by sharing poems with your students. Need some suggestions for what to read? CKLA is delighted to share this brief

CKLA Teacher Spotlight: Sharing the Art of Poetry with Kindergarteners

Swimming in the swimming pool is where I like to 'B' wearing underwater goggles so that I can ‘C’ — Excerpt from “Swimming Ool”- Kenn Nesbitt

Top 5 Poetry Resources for Elementary Teachers to Spark Creativity & Fun

Must-Have Poetry Books for a Diverse and Engaging Classroom Library

1. A Child’s Introduction to Poetry by Michael Driscoll, illustrated by Meredith Hamilton

Your Turn: Support for Using Gaming in Learning

Learning through digital gameplay is being adopted by more and more educators every day. Despite the overwhelming interest, educators are left in search of support and ideas for

Women’s History Month, March 2018

March 2018 is Women’s History Month, and you can help celebrate it by sharing with your students texts about the contributions women have made to all parts of society. Need some

Digital Gaming and Learning (Part 3)

Over the course of this series, we have explored numerous questions about gaming and learning. We started by asking how a phenomenon such as gaming has garnered such global appeal.

Educator Q&A: A Colorado Teacher Shares Why She Loves CKLA

Name: Jessica McNary School:Gunnison Elementary-Lake School District: Gunnison Watershed School District What grade do you teach? Kindergarten How long have you been teaching CKLA?

Four Do's and Don't's When Teaching Reading Comprehension

Perhaps you’re familiar with this student: 8 years old, let’s say, and a super solid reader. At least he or she seems to be. But when you ask questions about the text—who did what,

What to Look for in a Skills Program: 3 Key Features of Explicit Instruction

It is not enough to ask whether a reading program has explicit phonics instruction. Research shows that phonics instruction is not simply present or absent, but rather exists in