Meet our CKLA Ambassadors: A Colorado teacher shares her favorite parts of Amplify CKLA

Name: Mandy Harris School: Gunnison Elementary School District: Gunnison Watershed RE1J What grade do you teach: 2nd Grade How long have you been teaching CKLA: I'm just

Meet our CKLA Ambassadors: A Pennsylvania teacher shares why she loves CKLA

Name: Alyssa Southerlin School: Propel Montour Elementary School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania District: Propel Charter Schools What grade do you teach: Kindergarten How long have

Women’s History Month, March 2018

March 2018 is Women’s History Month, and you can help celebrate it by sharing with your students texts about the contributions women have made to all parts of society. Need some

Educator Q&A: A Colorado Teacher Shares Why She Loves CKLA

Name: Jessica McNary School:Gunnison Elementary-Lake School District: Gunnison Watershed School District What grade do you teach? Kindergarten How long have you been teaching CKLA?

Four Do's and Don't's When Teaching Reading Comprehension

Perhaps you’re familiar with this student: 8 years old, let’s say, and a super solid reader. At least he or she seems to be. But when you ask questions about the text—who did what,

What to Look for in a Skills Program: 3 Key Features of Explicit Instruction

It is not enough to ask whether a reading program has explicit phonics instruction. Research shows that phonics instruction is not simply present or absent, but rather exists in

CKLA Driving Engagement in NYC Classrooms

Exceed Charter School in Brooklyn, NY has been using CKLA in their K–2 classrooms for the past three years. CKLA's impact on student engagement and learning at Exceed Charter School

CKLA Teacher Q&A–Sarah Wieckert

Name: Sarah Wieckert School:Gresham School of Excellence District: Chicago Public Schools What grade do you teach? First Grade How long have you been teaching CKLA? 3 years

World Read-Aloud Day 2018

February 1, 2018 is World Read-Aloud Day, and you can help celebrate it by reading aloud to your students. Need some suggestions for what to read? CKLA is delighted to share this


“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you’d expect to be involved in

Behind the Scenes: CKLA in Action

Elizabeth Wade joined Amplify in 2013 and serves as Senior Education Consultant on the Core Knowledge Language Arts team.

CKLA Your Way: Braille Activity from Sarah McNeil

Sarah McNeil is a Kindergarten Teacher at Verde Elementary who has been using CKLA Listening & Learning, as well as Skills, since August of this school year (2017-2018). Sarah

State(s) of Affairs: The 2017-18 Striving Readers Literacy Grant

In what represents an exciting and significant step towards achieving educational equity for all, the federal government announced this Fall the winners of the 2017-18 Striving

CKLA on Nearpod: Get Your First 3 Lessons FREE!

We are excited to announce that, as of November 30th, teachers and students are now able to explore areas of CKLA’s Knowledge Strand in an entirely new way.

CKLA on the Go: Wapato School District Q&A

Wapato School District first implemented CKLA in 2015. Since the district started using CKLA, many of its students have tested as proficient for the first time. We spoke with

Students' Favorite Parts of CKLA

Last year, Amplify's CKLA team visited Alvina Elementary School in California, now in its second year of implementing CKLA.

Tracks in the mud

What’s your brain doing as you read these words? How did it learn to read in the first place? The remarkable journey of just one letter reveals the surprising answers.

Chase a beam

Your Brain on Words

Discover the remarkable neurological changes that take place in the brain as students learn to read. 

Rewiring the brain for reading: Q&A with Bruce McCandliss, Ph.D.

Neuroscientific research is now yielding advanced insights into the connections between brain science and learning success, especially literacy. At the leading edge of this research

How to bring joy into the classroom

As a third-grader in Ithaca, New York, I picked up a book by the great American poet A.R. Ammons. I opened it, not because I was interested in great American poetry, but because the

Not all literacy intervention is created equal.

What makes for effective literacy intervention? What makes for ineffective literacy intervention? When considering intervention options, these questions matter. Yet wading through

The Baseball Experiment: How two Wisconsin researchers discovered that the comprehension gap is a knowledge gap

In Norway, Wisconsin, as in much of the state, cold winters are a way of life. People allow extra time to bundle up and then waddle through town like Michelin men edged with fur.

The 10 knowledge domains that will give your students an advantage on PARCC/SBAC tests.

We analyzed 100 reading passages from grades 3 through 5 state literacy tests to determine which knowledge domains appear most commonly in questions. We also found that students who

When Kids Collide with Content

When I was a teacher, his name was Jacob. He was the kid teachers remember. He knew stuff. He’d been places. And he wanted to know more. Not more about any topic, but one particular

Learning English Through Content

In this webinar (which originally aired on November 1, 2016), Amber McWilliams (PreK–5 ELL Specialist, Amplify. Certified WIDA Prime V2 correlator) provides a variety of